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EQ Enhancement CenterToday, children grow up in a world plagued by violence and despair. We are assaulted by a daily dose of tragedy and mayhem, increasingly involving children and their families. In this world children need to learn Emotional Intelligence Skills which will help them in personal growth inspite of difficult emotional challenges they are facing.

Since emotions play a very important role in our lives, it is essential to know how they affect our personal and social adjustments. Though children are not born with a dominance of pleasant or unpleasant emotions, the predominance of emotions of either of these kinds tends to strongly affect the behaviour & health of the child.

A predominance of pleasant emotions - such as affection, joy, happiness - is essential for the normal development of a child. These emotions lead to a feeling of security that in turn help the children approach their day-to-day lives with self-confidence and assurance, react to minor obstacles with minimum of emotional disturbance and maintain their emotional balance even when confronted with major obstacles. Children who are surrounded by a predominantly pleasant emotional atmosphere are happy and well-liked by others, have success in whatever they do, are pleasant to be with and not only popular but also selected to leadership roles in their peer groups. On the other hand they also need to know how to handle negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness, guilt, jealousy etc. in a more constructive way.

It is important to raise children’s EQ (emotional Intelligence) by developing their core EQ skills like Emotional self awareness, perseverance, Impulse control, self motivation, optimism, empathy, social skills & emotional management skills.

‘EQuip Kids’, the institute working with a mission of raising EQ of children, has started EQ enhancement center, at Little Steps Day Care Centre, Thane. This center works on the lines of self-sciences’ design (developed by Six Seconds, CA, USA) and is programmed to build emotional intelligence and develop a learning community that fosters the 3R’s of emotional intelligence in children, I.e. respect, responsibility & resilience.

The objectives of the Enhancement Centre are to help children :

  • Build empathy and show them the path to optimism
  • Develop their  emotional self  control, delay gratification and help them channelise their emotions in an appropriate manner
  • Encourage them to talk and express their feelings and needs  related  to them by developing  their  emotional literacy skills, in a  trusted  environment
  • Enable them to become good listeners
  • Make conscious decisions and prioritize their needs
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them overcome their weaknesses
  • Recognize their current temperament and evolve responses to other temperaments

The EQ Enhancement centre helps achieve these objectives through a judicious mix of scientifically proven feelings-games, activities, role-plays and other learning processes.

Specifically in the early childhood years, children learn new and socially acceptable ways of expressing their feelings. In order to enable them manage their emotions and provide them with an opportunity to enhance their EQ, children need support both from within and outside their family..

The EEC enables children :

  • Recognise and name their feelings
  • Understand and accept their emotional behaviour
  • Find meaningful outlets for the various emotions

The curriculum for the EEC is structured keeping in mind the various avenues for the expression of feelings. Acting out troubled situations and real life problems gives young children an outlet for their emotions and enables them to cope with situations which they may not be able to talk about. Games, maintaining diaries, discussions, etc. provide opportunities for children to express themselves freely without inhibitions.

The EEC program will be introduced to the children once a week (on weekends) for one hour and will spread over a period of 3months. Initially, this will be offered to children in two age-groups: 5 to 9 years and 10 to 15 years.

The program will focus on :

  • Emotional literacy
  • Developing social skills
  • Developing positive self concept.


Age group - 5 to 10yrs

Timings/ duration - 2 to 4 pm. 12 sessions

Place :

Anand Vishwa Gurukul.
Raghunath Nagar,
Teen Hath Naka,
Thane (west)

For further details contact - 9967028341.

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